First blog post

snapshot_020Hi there! This is my very first post and I hope that more than a few read it! I haven’t been a faithful SLer these past few months but was excited to see all of the new fashion! I am wearing the new Addams boyfriend jeans. They are uber cute and hug all of the right curves. The boots that they made (was pumped to see that Addams makes shoes now too) are so adorbs! I took this pic in BellaRose newly released Willow Winter version. This house is amazeballs to say the least. The detail is out of this world and def a high quality build!snapshot_021snapshot_022snapshot_024snapshot_026What I am wearing:

Addams – Silvia Ripped Boyfriend Jeans Dark Blue

Dead Dollz – Gigi Sweater White

Addams – Rickia Laced Boots Brown

hairology – [RA] Nora Hair Ombres & Roots


BellaRose Designs – The Willow Winter version


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