Killin’ It

killinitWinter Trend SL 2016 is open and I had to check it out! I have a few things to post but I wanted to post this frumpy yet super sexy sweater dress first! I have never heard of the designer (shhh be nice I have been gone awhile) !:Lybra:! but I am glad I tried this on. I paired it with my favorite Reign thigh highs and this old beanie and I really am happy with the way it turned out!

What I am wearing:

Winter Trend SL 2016!:Lybra:! Marta Stripes Black

Winter Trend SL 2016 – Tabou Asymmetric Gloves (just the leather rings on right hand) Black

Reign – Mishi Thigh High boots Black

Lovey Dovey – Levinna V2 Natural Ombres (Store temporarily closed)

Blueberry – Oakley #22 Black Armchain (old gacha item)



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