Moon & Star

starmoonI have been busy with the Holidays and moving and thought it is time to catch up! I am glad that I logged in to find these adorable boots with lace stockings. I bought them not even considering what I would wear them with. I went to Blueberry to see whats new and I found a few things (you will see them later). This sweater dress was an EXACT match to these adorbs boots! I went scouting as I always do to find a place to take pics and I came across Bryn Oh’s “Hand”. Bryn Oh’s new artwork is the story of Flutter, a girl who has something precious in a suitcase and lives in a world of Sleepers. It was amazing and the story definitely pulls you in along with the artwork, you almost feel as if you are a part of it.tightropesubwayTeleport and check it out. Be sure to accept the HUD as this is your book that will send you entries along your journey!

What I am wearing:

Uber – =Zenith= Leather Boots with Lace Socks – Redwood

Blueberry – Cory – Beige

~TRES CHIC Venue~ – DOUX Tanusha Hairstyle Pastels & Ombres



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