To BENTO or to not BENTO…

So like everyone and their sister I ventured out to try the new BENTO mesh heads. I am in LOVE with the idea that I can now change the shape of my face, making it my very own! There are cons as well. Not everyone has changed yet so not everyone will be able to see your fresh new head (snarls lip). The second con is our bodies have not yet updated to BENTO yet. Now I know that there are BENTO hands out there, but will the skin tone match my own? This is new and really is exciting but waiting for the goods is as bad as waiting to wake up last Sunday on Christmas morning!

I have tried both LeLutka and CATWA BENTO heads but I am leaning towards CATWA for one reason….skin choices. There seemed to be way more of a selection for CATWA then LeLutka. Not to mention when I zoomed out the LeLutka looked somehow deformed. In the picture below I am wearing the same demo skin on two different heads. The first is CATWA Catya BENTO and the second is CATWA Tumble non-BENTO. They look completely different! Bottom line with BENTO first make sure you update your viewer! Second, make sure that you try on all options and demo skins, play with your shape before you invest $5,000 linden!index


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