starstruckFINALLY I made it into COLLABOR88! It was a dream come true! SWEATPANTS EVERYWHERE!! Oh how I love my comfortable sweatpants! It was the first event I have been to in a long while that offered more than 1 thing that I wanted to buy! Like a kid in a candy store I demoed every single thing that my mesh eyes caught a glimpse of. Button went on his own shopping spree, and even though we sit in the same room together RL, we had no idea that we both ended up in sweats!

What I am wearing:

COLLABOR88 – Tres Blah Bib Tank Top Adventure

COLLABOR88 – Lamb Cat Rider Ombre Pack

COLLABOR88 – (fd) Sweet Sweats Black


What Button is wearing:

Kalback – Basic Tank

TMD – GB Easy Denim pants

Signature – Signature Gianni Mesh Body V3.1

CATWA – Catwa Justin Basic Head

Unorthodox – Noah V2 Facial Hair

The Crossroads – Modulus PAvel Hair Monochrome

The Crossroads – Hairbase-Modulus Vinny

SWANK – Rebellion Fallout Dogtag

Letis – Mafioso Body Tatt


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