thrashedWith all of the new Bento excitement Button and I decided to start selling our many different shape combinations! We noticed that a lot of people really wanted the new Bento head options to save them from looking like everyone else, but didn’t quite know how to get the right shape to make it look as pretty as they would like. Since we both have been making shapes for over ten years, it came pretty easy to us. Our new store is called .::Shape It Up::. and is both in world and on Marketplace. Now I know I not a shape expert, so I fairly price them at $250L each.

Button found that Belleza had made a new applier for the CATWA Bento head and I quickly ran over to give it a go. Problem was, I have always worn the Maitreya Body 😦 So Obviously I had to also try on the Belleza Body. Button has always been into the more fuller figure woman as opposed to my more petite shape so he was super excited to see me demo Freya. Before I made this large purchase I played with the HUD a little and really liked that it had so many options, so I purchased it! I am quite pleased with it so far. I am definitely more well voluptuous than before!

Now about my outfit. These super adorbs boots can be found at Uber. They are made by Zenith and inspired me to go old school and sport this cute Thrasher Magazine crop top that I found at kustom9.

What I am wearing:

Belleza – Freya Full Body

Belleza – Callie applier for CATWA in sunkissed

.::Shape It Up::. – Huntley Shape for CATWA CATYA Head and Belleza Freya Body

DOUX – Adriana Hairstyle brunettes

Blueberry – Cake pants in black

kustom9 – [Pumpkin] Layered Crop Tee Thrasher

Uber – =Zenith= Detroit Boots Black

Kinky – Asteria Vanessa Arm Straps Black



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