Half Naked and Afraid.

HalfNakedandAfraidEver have one of those crazy nights in Vegas and you wake up in a weird place with nothing but your clothes, or lack there of?! I am not sure why, but this pose from FOXCITY really reminded me of that kind of night! Anyway got this outfit at COLLABOR88 and I personally have never heard of this designer but this outfit is really cute! It fit surprisingly well, except for in the crotch area. I edited this for the picture but when she stands like she is there or moves her legs, the mesh does show holes. Is it so bad that I would recommend not buying it? Absolutely not! I am a super picky person when it comes to mesh and how it hugs the body too. While we are on the subject of mesh fit…DESIGNERS…please keep in mind that there are CURVY woman in SL who do not like changing shape just to fit your clothing! I have been noticing lately that even if it is a Maitreya fit I will have to take my body fat down to 0 for it to not allow my avatar to burst through it. So annoying and I like my curves!

What I am wearing:

COLLABOR88 – Mutresse Laka Top and Hot Pants (Comes only in a FatPack but still super inexpensive).

CandyDoll – Esme Boots Black

#Foxy – Heathen’s Hair in Natural Ombres




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