Orchard Heights.

OrchardHeightsNot only did I want to blog this super adorable outfit, I also wanted to blog about this amazing rental community that I heard about. If you are looking for a different, and beautiful place to call home Orchard Heights is a winner for many different reasons! The moment that I landed I was welcomed by a real person. They then offered me a HUD that opens up all of the available amenities that this community has to offer. So many cute and fun things to do and if you are like me and enjoy snapping pics, there would be no better place than this! It is absolutely stunning from every angle! They do offer many different sizes and options as far as homes go, and all are of amazing quality. I totally recommend that you teleport in to see this awesomeness!


What I am wearing:

COLLABOR88 – Tres Blah Hope Kimono Black

COLLABOR88 – Foxes Miranda Shorts in Black

COLLABOR88 – REIGN Spring Tassel Wedges

Besom – Spray Hair in Browns

Body and head information on previous posts.


Community Orchard Heights




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