LoungingSo many events so little time! The new CATWA applier that I found at kustom9 is pretty stunning! The only thing that I did not like about it was the price! The face applier was fair but the body applier was too expensive! The most expensive that I have seen to date. Was it worth it, I am on the fence because other designers have the same or even better quality and go for a lot less! I do love the way that it looks but it is not going to be in my top 3 skin choices.

What I am wearing:

kustom9 – Essences Lark #M02 CATWA applier

Zaara – Sarika Feather Earrings *ebony*

Zaara – Raksha Arm Chain Maitreya *silver*

Revoul – Series III Plain Choker

RealEvil – Luxy Rings *Updated to fit Maitreya Bento*

LuxeBox – ISON Kelly Jumpsuit

LuxeBox – #EMPIRE Dichondra Shoes

Little Bones – Purr Hair (Oldie but goodie!)


Pose Fair – Artis Angel Seat



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