Bus Stop.

BustopMore from The Epiphany and NEW HAIR! REIGN has been doing an amazing job at coming out with new clothing, and this is HOT! The only complaint that I have is the booty details. Don’t get me wrong the fit is perfect but the texturing especially in the blacks could use a little more flattering detail. I don’t know what it is but everything that I own from REIGN in black the texture just seems to fall a little short. Almost looks velvet like. That is my only complaint I will still be in line to grab new releases! Now for this hair that was at Tres Chic A-MAZ-ING!! It is Stealthic and there was a Bento option and when I put it on….WOW! I thought at first that the color options offered roots…no it just fit so well that it was actually blending with my darker hair base!! How exciting is that ladies AND gents because Button bought a new Stealthic mens hair and it was just as awesome! I can’t wait to see more new stuff from them!!

What I am wearing:

The Epiphany – REIGN Forsaken Complete outfit (besides wings that are adorable but they weren’t fitting into this picture). BLACK

TRES CHIC – Stealthic Reprise Hair (Bento) Miscellaneous Color Pack

Pose prop:

The Epiphany – MINIMAL Illusion II #9



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