Drive In.

DriveIn01I remembered that I had not blogged about this super cute CandyDoll skirt that I bought last week! When I bought it, I tried on about 50 tops trying to get that perfect I’m Inspired! look. I tried on my Blueberry Epiphany find and Voila! Inspiration struck, especially when I put on my Stealthic hair and right to pin up I went!

What I am wearing:

kustom9 – CandyDoll Holly Skirt Animal Floral

CandyDoll – Sasha Shoes in Black (top strap offers texture change options)

The Epiphany – Blueberry Cocodoll Top White

Stealthic – Erratic Hair Blondes

Prodigy Ink – Paradise Tattoo


FIN *RELIVE THE FIFTIES* – This store is super cute with all kinds of 50’s nostalgia items…I could go crazy in here!!


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