Ice Cream.

IceCreamI’m so mad at Uber! Not really but I AM broke!! It has been awhile since I have been to an event that I looked around and said….”Mine Mine Mine!!! I also find it odd that I just posted from the 1950’s era, and there was quite a few 50’s styles there! You can’t go wrong with that era of fashion, it was both sexy yet still modest! Regardless, I will have at least a weeks worth of posts from Uber, so stay tuned!!

What I am wearing:

Uber – .miss chelsea. Rita Capri and Cardi in Charcoal (sold separately)

Uber – *Besom Ocean Browns (Hair)

Uber – Glam Affair Giusy CATWA Applier in Jamaica Tone

#Foxy – Lace Corset Choker

CandyDoll – Sasha Shoes Black

The Seasons Story – Evermore. Moo-Chan Ice Cream Cone






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