Good morning.

Good MorningI was super excited to see that TDR was back!! When I TPed in and saw that designers such as REIGN and #EMPIRE to name a few were there it felt like Christmas morning! These jeans are what I noticed first. I immediately noticed the length and how they curled around the feet so realistically! I have the hardest time finding jeans that just look amazing weather your wearing a flat heel or a high heel. Most high heel long jeans are cut funny at the ankle and look like they are just stuck there. These flow down to your feet even hat a high feet angle and don’t allow for your shoes to poke through (of course depending on the type that you wear). I wish they hugged my body a little better in the waist but hey these are pretty awesome!!

What I am wearing:

The Dressing RoomRIOT – Leia Long Line Jeans Blue17

The Dressing RoomSuicidal Unborn – Nap Queen Top Godzilla

Sintiklia – Hair Grace in Blonde Roots (Freakin’ love this hair!)

Pink Acid – Dachshund Puppy Golden – Her (past gacha item)


BellaRose – The Willow House



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