Hay fever.

HayfeverWhen I see a field full of dandelions the first thing that comes to mind is sneezing! I love spring, but I don’t love my allergies!! Anyway, Blueberry has done it again! Not that this is a surprise but I really need to elaborate on these shorts. They are FABULOUS not only because of the color, but the fit is amazing. They come with version 1 and 2 which is kind of like Blueberry booty and Cutiebooty. The waist in the back go up a bit further than the front and it just makes yours avatars derriere look flawless! I recommend going the distance and grabbing the fatpack in both the top and the shorts because the floral prints are a must have for spring!

What I am wearing:

Blueberry – Babe Set (Top and Shorts are sold separately) the colors I am wearing are only available in the fatpack!

FaMESHed – REIGN Ribbon Flip Flops (I will probably be wearing these a LOT! js)

Sintiklia – Hair Grace in Blonde Roots (Didn’t I tell you I love this hair?!)



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