Bad dog!

Bad DogI love Luxe Box mornings! What better day to wake up to a shiny new box full of awesome goodies than on a Monday?! I noticed that some people were complaining about this months box. Some said “there were only a couple of good items!” Well even at two good items…you’re saving money! Most fatpacks or even multiple colors and patterns of one design will set you back more than 1500L on a good day! Someone also said that Blueberry’s entry was not sexy…WHAT?! My only wish, and I say wish because I have absolutely NO complaints about that bikini is that I wish it included one of her amazing metallic colors! There was a dress in the box that looked totally frumpy and I would never even consider wearing it, but that is the only thing in the box I could agree with some of the complainers with.

One small thing, I wish that for the anniversary month they would have made it a little cooler somehow, I mean it’s one year!! That is all though. I definitely got my monies worth and I will be doing it again next month!

What I am wearing:

Luxe Box – Foxes Luxe Box May 2017 (Slip)

Luxe Box – Moon Hair Melpomene

CandyDoll – Nicki Collection Panty (Rose) Gacha Item

Fiore – Alura Bento Head (Just now sent me an update and I am so excited!!)

Fiore – Zandra Skin Applier SPF25


Luxe Box – tarte. old window bed

Luxe Box – JIAN Jack Russel Terrier (OMG so cute and they do the CUTEST things!)




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