Relax, seriously.

OMGEveryone is in an uproar about the male rompers. Some posts that I see are hilarious, and some are so absolutely absurd and ignorant. Fashion is art and art is a way for us to be who we want to be. Wearing that perfect outfit sets the tone for your entire day. How you feel in your clothing can make or break you, literally. I can imagine that the first time a woman wore a skirt above her knees she was deemed as a whore, deplorable person, how could she?! She was probably none of those things. She probably just liked the way that she looked and it made her feel good. I am not by any means any sort of activist. For the most part I don’t even pay attention to negativity, but this kind of outburst in 2017? Have we really not evolved and still stuck in the 1900’s?! Bottom line is, Button makes this look good, just saying!

What we are wearing:




TRUTH – Fenella Hair Variety Pack

Puppy tripping Button:

Luxe Box May – Jian Jack Russel Terrier


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