Lazy day.

LazyDayThis new top will be featured at MBA, which starts tomorrow! I love it! It suits us girls that has an inner nerd that needs to emerge every now and then.

What I am wearing:

Mesh Body Addict fair 2017+MuggleBorn+ – Ava Top (Wearing FatPack version) Opens TOMORROW!!

:PARKER: x KITJA – Lexy Shots RARE (Past Gacha Prize)

:PARKER: x KITJA – Lexy Socks #13 (Past Gacha Prize)


s p e l l b o u n d – Nocturnal Hair w/ BUENO Cap – Blondes

Fiore – Alura Bento Mesh Head

Insol – Elena Skin – ST03 – Peach


! Anbee ! – #20 Skateboard and Smartphone Pose (Used poser to drag arm down to pet dog instead of talking on the phone)


Jian – Playfull Pibulls BOX 7. White Companion Pup

Photo taken at: TSALON






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